The sky of Promise

This summer as we were away for a few days we spend an evening on the beach. In the background we heard seals bark and waves crash on the shore. It was a beautiful evening with clear skies. We saw multiple falling stars and satellites passing by. It was a beautiful evening.

As we were staring at the sky I was reminded of the time that Abraham was staring at the sky at night when God told him that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky. That is a lot, the longer we looked at the sky the more stars we saw. Translating this to us, our time, sometimes on surface level we don’t immediately recognise our brothers and sisters because their walk is not the same as ours. Look deeper because the longer you look the more stars (offspring) you will see! Just an example, when we came back from serving the lord in the UK and we joined another church because this our former church was too far away. When we came in to the building people thought I was a not a Christian because of my appearance. Look deeper, get to know people see their heart and you will be surprised that how many more stars there are!

The above is part of the covenant God made with Abraham, another promise in the covenant is this; Genesis 12:3 NLT…… “All the families on earth will be blessed through you.” In Galatians 3:7-9 Paul is talking about this covenant and places us in it as well. Verse 9 says, “So all who put their faith in Christ share the same blessing Abraham received because of his faith.” This should get you thrilled! It did with me. I am an heir of Abraham, so the promises of God to Abraham have also been passed unto me! My descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky, as numerous as grains of sand at the beach. But also the covenant blessing that all the families, nations of the earth will be blessed through you is part of that. But that places also an obedient responsibility upon me.

I believe that the great commission as read in Matthew 28 and Mark 16 are spoken by Jesus to all Christians. We are to go out into the world, preach the gospel and disciple people in the ways of the Lord. This gospel living means that we let people share in the blessings that we have received from the Lord. These are both spiritual and material.
We have been able to bless many people with the gospel message, but also with food, clothing, and financial support for health care. In this way we want to take the obedient responsibility to bless the nations.

I want to thank our supporters for their financial support, we feel blessed by the Lord through you. And through that we and even-more-so, you have been a blessing on to many people!

So tonight when its dark, have a look at the sky, at your sky of promise and ask the Father who he wants to bless through you!