how it started

Hope ministries International started in July 2019, the reason why it began goes back to the mission trip the year before when Hans de Boer was asked to come to India with a team and, together with local churches, to share the good news of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ with people who have never heard it. During this trip we saw the need for people to see God’s love for them.


As HMI we want to respond to the great commission in Matthew 28 and Mark 16 to go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe everything Jesus has thought us. Its our mission to go organize mission trips and, together with local churches, bring the gospel. To make disciples and help local Christians and pastors.  We are called to care for the less fortunate as it says in James 1:27. We want to financially support widows, lepers, orphans and pastors. 


  • Hans de Boer – Directeur
  • Marlies de Boer – Broek – Voorzitter
  • Patty de Boer – Penning meester
  • Guido Brink – Secretaris


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Het bestuur krijgt alleen gemaakte onkosten vergoed. Dit geldt niet voor de zendingsreizen, hiervoor zullen de bestuursleden zelf donateurs voor moeten benaderen.