Faith Hope and Obedience.

I just want to blurt out some thoughts I had after reading the Story of Naaman whom visited Elijah to receive healing from leprosy.

The story can be found in 2 King 5:1-19

This is a beautiful story with many lessons for us. We should never forget that these are moments in lives of people like you and me. In this story you can see the beautiful line-up that God has prepared for a miracle to happen. Let’s dive in and see what happens….

The main figure in the story is Naaman his name means pleasantness and for the people around him he lived up to this. The king admired him, his people loved him, God had given great victories to him. As he was the commander of the army of the Syrians I always presumed him to a harsh man. But these first verses give us a different picture. He was a pleasant person to be around.

Then there was the little girl, captured, enslaved, still full of faith and goodwill. The story doesn’t give way here exact age but the writing tells us that she was either in childhood or in her teenage years. Most probably she did not know about the line-up God placed her in. Little do most people know.

When Joseph was thrown into the well and later into prison he didn’t know his life was being lined up to meet and work with the Pharaoh and that the Pharaoh would receive God’s provision through Joseph.When Esther became queen she didn’t know about her role in saving the people of Israel. It was not until Mordechai said to her, maybe it is for a time like this you were placed in this palace, that she stood up and spoke up for her people.
When Zechariah went in to the holy of holiest he did not know that he would become part of the Christmas story. When Elisabeth became pregnant and gave birth to John, whom lived to point to Jesus.
Joseph and Mary were living out responsive obedience. Not only when the angel appeared to Mary but also later at the wedding in Cana where she said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:5).

Like all of them we do not know for what purpose we are placed somewhere, but we must always be faithful to the still small voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit within us.

The faithfulness of this girl is reflected in simply saying, I wish Naaman could meet with Elisha…….  because she believed God would work miracles through him. This gives us a good insight in the importance of pointing people to God. Her remark ignites hope in the heart of the Naaman’s wife.  And from the words that Jesus spoke in John 6:63 we learn that this was the spirit working through this girl. For the spirit alone gives life. Human effort accomplishes nothing!!

With a letter from the king Naaman goes to Israel. The king of Israel crumbles in fear for he read the letter which said, With this letter I present my servant Naaman. I want you to heal him of his leprosy.

My question, why doesn’t the king stand up? Why doesn’t he pray? Isn’t that so often our response? We do not do because we are afraid God will not answer…. so, it is better not to pray,  at least we will not look bad when we do nothing. 
Where is your faith? It seems like there is more faith that God will heal in Naaman’s wife, Naaman and the king of Aram than there is in Gods people. 

And the story continues, 

When Naaman ends up at Elisha’s place he is not treated with the respect he thinks he deserves.

And so often when God comes to people, he touches the area in their lives that needs to change. For Naaman this was pride, is it not striking that his pride almost took him home again without receiving what he had hoped for? I was expecting……., he did not………, is not our water better……..

The greatest healing Naaman maybe needed was not from leprosy, but of pride. But the healing for both lays in obedience. The healing of leprosy was not in the water, the healing of pride was not in the water, it was in obedience. Are we willing to receive what God gives us on His terms?
Like the lepers In Luke. They had to start walking before they were cleaned…. 
Naaman’s servant looked through it and pointed it out to his master. Often it is easier to be faithful or obedient in the big things, but in the small things we lack. Let us be faithfull in all we do, let us do and live on God’s terms and be obedient in all we do, the big and the small. In Him, In His ways is freedom found! 

Lord make us obedient people. We want to follow in whatever you want us to do.