October Update

The month of October has been an exciting month! We had several meetings in India via zoom. The trial meetings were great and weekly we meet now. Once a month we meet with the ladies who lost their husbands and because of that they are an outcast of the society. We can encourage them with the word of God and see them leave with the most important message, the gospel. We also can give them food packs for several weeks of food.

The other group we meet monthly are the people from the leprosy colony. These people suffer also greatly from the pandemic as their usual income is from begging for money at bus stations and shopping areas. But most people cannot even buy enough groceries for themselves, so the beggar on the streets will not get anything. When we meet with them, we let them know that they are seen by God, that they are not an outcast in the Kingdom of God but that they sit at the seat of honour at the Lords table. We invite them to step deeper into this life with the God the Father.

In October we were able to meet with Pastors as well. It was good to encourage these men with the word of God and help them to see for what God has placed them in their congregations.
We will continue to meet with two pastor groups each month. One group will be rotating from the network we have of about 500 pastors. But we will also form a second group that we will train to become workers with our contact. In that way we really want to see the work grow in the area that God placed us in. Our prayer is that the Kingdom of God will come in this area as it is in heaven.

Something else amazing that will happen is that we will start with meetings for the orphans as well. The details for this are being discussed these days and we are excited that we found someone to volunteer to run these meetings! We will keep you posted about these meetings and hopefully we can add some photos to the next update again!

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Please pray with us for;

  • The People we meet during our zoom meetings. The widows, the lepers, the orphans, and the pastors.  As their lives are impacted with the Gospel, the Gospel in them will impact the towns, city, streets that live in.
  • Please continue to pray for our contacts in India, they do amazing work for the Lord and there are not enough hours in the day for them to do all the work that needs to be done.
  • Please also pray for our plans for Hope Ministry Life School. We are busy preparing the teaching and organizing the practical things that need to be done. Pray that God will send the right people for our program.