Orphanage Update September

We are so thankful that we can send you this email. It means that through your help, we have been able to support the children of the orphanage.
Thank you so much for your support! 

We will send this Orphanage update once a month to keep you informed about what is happening with the children. 

If I can draw your attention to the bottom of the email, you will find several suggestions to get involved. If you know someone that would be interested, please forward this email to them. 

Let’s keep bringing the needs of the orphanage before our Lord.

I want to start with a word from our partner, pastor Sujan. 


Greetings to you In Jesus name,


I am delighted to inform you about our orphanage.
The children are doing well at our home. The children go to school every day.

Recently the schools reopened after four months due to CORONA.

We have 20 Orphan Children we are looking after; when we found them, they were unsheltered and away from comfort and parental love.

We used to collect donations from our fellow Christians to meet their needs. We could not feed children sufficiently because our fellow Christian Brothers could not support them due to corona. They have no jobs and are struggling financially. Finally, we decided to close the orphanage, and we shared it with Brother Hans.

Brother Hans responded to my request, and the Lord opened the doors. With your support, HMI started to support the children to feed them and shelter them, amen.
Now we are providing sufficient food for the children. They are enjoying at our home and regularly go to school.  Every morning we conduct devotion, and in the evening, we conduct study and prayer meetings for the children. They grow spiritually.

We needed some generous sponsors to support fees for education, clothing, books and medical for the children and building maintenance. Please remember them in your regular prayers.

We are thankful to all the sponsors and HMI.

Pastor Sujan

Meet Sandeep



Sandeep was born on the 21st of September in 2010 and has one sister. The Village he grew up in is Valasamalapall in the Guntur district.  
After his father died of tuberculosis in 2016, his mother, who can’t work because of her health, struggled financially. She begs her relatives to feed her children, but nobody is willing or able to care for the children. When she heard of the orphanage in Bapatla, she requested for Sandeep to join the orphanage. This was her only option. Otherwise, she had to send Sandeep to live on the streets.  Since 2018 he is part of our house and we love him dearly. 

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