Update March

We ran several meetings this month. We did a meeting for the people suffering from leprosy and a meeting for the widows and elderly ladies. During these meetings we take time to share the word and minister to the ladies. One meeting the Lord really put one of the ladies on my heart to pray for her and he told me that she had pain in her legs caused by arthritis. After I prayed for her for healing, she said it felt better. Two minutes later when I started sharing from the word I saw her walk away. I wondered what had happened and why she walked away. But at the end of the meeting she came back and when I asked why she walked away she said, my legs don’t hurt anymore I had to go for a walk!! I totally understand her thinking there! Three weeks later she turned up at a meeting again. She was late, the reason was that she had walked a long distance to get to the meeting without pain!!
During these meetings we also distribute food and soap and toothpaste etc. to the ladies.

Since the beginning of February we started also meetings with a church on Tuesdays. The one week we are meeting in the church building and the other week we do a zoom home meeting. During these meetings we see the Lord work in wonderful ways. People get straightened we saw healing and people set free. All in all we see this as an amazing opportunity to disciple the people in this church.

This month we had only one meeting with pastors. At the moment we go through the book of Timothy. A lot of the pastors do not have any training from the bible. Some of them became Christian and heard the call of the Lord and responded to this call. Our contact tells us that these meetings really help the pastor to grow spiritually, but also, they use the material we teach to preach from in their congregations. Training these pastors has not only impact in the lives of the pastors, but we see that whole congregations are reached through this ministry. And when congregations are discipled we can reach whole villages with the gospel.

We are still in need of a vehicle. we feel that the lord is leading us to run evangelism campaigns again. but as we are not able to go due to the regulations. We need to do them via video. We have seen that God is using this in church meetings and we believe God will use it as well to reach unreached areas. For donations click here.