Orphanage Update November

With great pleasure, we send this update again of the orphanage in Bapatla. The children are blessed by the provisions that we receive from you all! We were able to send the children money for a new set of clothes for Christmas. This means that we could go beyond only supplying the necessities to live for the month of December and this makes us incredibly thankful!
As the regulations allow it, Marlies and Hans will go to India at the end of January. We will stay at the orphanage for ten days and will spend a lot of time with the children. If you want us to bring something over, you can send it to us, and we will take it to the children.

In the last update, we promised a video, but this did not work out due to technical issues. We will try again next month. Here is the update from our Partner, Pastor Sujan.

Greetings to all the sponsors who are supporting the orphanage in India.

Thank you very much for your monthly support to provide food for the children.
Every month they seem heartfelt bliss in the presence of the Lord.

On 5 October, we celebrated Manikanta his birthday. All the children greeted him with birthday wishes early in the morning.  We offered chocolates, and Manikanta distributed them to all the children, and all the children enjoyed them a lot. All the children prayed for Manikanta.

By the grace of God, the children have good health and going on well.
Last week the elder children had their written quarterly examinations, and they got good marks. They are conveying their thanks for your prayers for their education.

The smaller kids went to the park on holiday, which is at a water tank near our area, and the children enjoyed it a lot.  Every month Sister Janice teaches the Bible stories and games to the children, strengthening them spiritually and physically.  We provided soaps, shampoo, hair oil and toothpaste for the children twice in October.

The orphan children are sending their lots of love, lovely kisses, and lovely hugs to all the sponsors and HMI.

With love
Pastor Sujan Raj Kumar

Meet Saiganesh
The child we want to introduce to you this month is Saiganesh.
Saiganesh was born on the 30th of March 2015, and he has one brother. His mother died in 2016 in an accident with a truck. It happened when she walked home from the fields where she worked.  His father has a heart disease and asthma and is not able to work. No one in the family is able to help financially. Saiganesh came to live in our orphanage in July 2019 and we love him dearly!  
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