A new update from the orphanage

We are thankful to you for the support we receive every month again! Quite often, I remind myself of the fact that the orphanage was about to close last summer. And from august onwards, we have been able to feed the children. I see that as a miracle that God has done. Twenty children’s lives have been impacted for good! 

I want to share something with you to raise awareness of the needs that still are there. It has recently been brought to my attention that the orphanage roof needs repair.   Sujan and Raja were hesitant to share this because we do so much already. As you see in the pictures below, the roof leaks, and the water damages the walls. Repair work needs to happen on the roof and outside the building, as bits of concrete fall off and cause dangerous situations. The ceilings need repairing because of the water damage, and walls need to be plastered and repainted. Please pray with us for support to come in and trustworthy workers who will do the work correctly. 

The place where the water comes in through the roof.
the whole ceiling is damaged.
Part of the damage outside of the building

We salute all HMI sponsors who are supporting the work in India.
We feel very happy to inform you about the children to pray. The children are going on well as usual by the grace of God. Even though some children are suffering from seasonal viral fevers with cough and cold, their health is good because of your regular prayers.
Sister Janice teaches Bible stories and games, and Pastor Hans is praying for the children during the meetings. The children enjoy seeing Pastor Hans and Janice through zoom online regularly. The children are praying for the sponsors.

We pray to God for blessings on the sponsors who support the children monthly.

The children went to the park and enjoyed it on the second Saturday because of the School holiday. Often the children go to the park and beach on holidays.

On 9 February, a girl named Hemalatha celebrated her birthday, and all the children greeted her birthday wishes early morning. We offered biscuits, and she distributed them to all the children, and all the children enjoyed them a lot. All the children prayed for her.

On 28 February a boy Shanmuka Raju is going to celebrate his birthday.
Please pray for him.
We provided soaps, shampoo, hair oil and toothpaste for the children twice this month.

The orphan children are sending their lots of love, lovely kisses, and lovely hugs to all the sponsors of HMI.

Prayer requests:  To raise the support for needs of children education, maintenance of home building and repair of home building roof which was damaged.

With love
Pastor Sujan Raj

If you would like to sponsor the orphanage, please go to our “donate” page and fill in the one of, or monthly donation.

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