Pastor training

During the 10-day mission, we conducted 4 pastor conferences. We had 80+ pastors visiting our training days. Most of these pastors we meet on a very regular basis but for the group in the picture, it was the first time we met with them. We covered subjects like spiritual warfare and the armour of God. The Holy Spirit and His fruit in our lives. We were humbled hearing the testimonies of the pastors when they shared about the impact the training has on their lives and their ministries. 

One pastor shared that he had been in ministry already for 33 years but had never really understood the armour of God. But now he was able to apply it in his own life and teach his congregation what it means and how to use it.

Another pastor who comes to our training every month shared that through the teaching he felt a stirring in his soul to reach the unreached. He now travels every Sunday to a remote village more than 200 km away from him and he preached the gospel there on a weekly basis. He will plant a church in this village in the coming months.  

Many more pastors requested to be part of the training but at this moment we don’t have space to add another group. We pray about expanding our pastor training opportunities. Please pray with us for the resources needed to expand this part of our ministry.