Caring for people with Leprosy

Already before Covid hit the world we met with these ladies. And gave them monthly a care package. In this package is enough food for 10 days. We know that this package is not nearly enough, but we give what we receive, and this is all we can do at this moment. It was great to finally meet the ladies in real life again. They are such a sweet group to be with. 

We were able to pray for them. People came with prayer requests, and we saw legs being healed, post covid headaches disappear and stomach pain relieved. One of the ladies shared that she experienced demonic activity in her house. As they are living in a leprosy colony it was strongly advised that we wouldn’t go to her house. So, from the place we were, a little church I started to pray for deliverance over her house. We asked for her phone number so we could ask her the next day how things had been. Ever since the demonic activity started in the house she and her husband had been living in disunity and all the people that lived in the house were fearful when at home. When we called the next day, she told us that peace and unity lived in the house again. Her family was not afraid anymore. Praise God for this miracle of delivery for this family!