Near to the Altar

Exodus 29:37 
Purify the altar, and consecrate it every day for seven days. After that, the altar will be absolutely holy, and whatever touches it will become holy.

Amazing, isn’t it? An object made of regular gold and wood is purified and consecrated for seven days and it becomes absolutely holy. And not only this, but it also can transfer the holiness onto whatever touches the altar. In the tabernacle at the altar, God interacted with people. God responded to the sacrifices and the prayers of the people on the altar. Before we move into what this means for us today, we also need to know that the Hebrew word that is used for touching the altar, is an active reaching out. 
The altar symbolises two things: first, it represents the cross, where we went and laid down our lives and became holy through the sacrifice of Jesus. (Hebrews 10:10). Just like at the altar when we actively reach out we become part of Christ through the cross(the altar), and you will be holy! 
The altar is also a symbol of fiery prayer, this teaches us that praying is also connected with the active reaching out. Maybe you recognize it when I speak of praying just words when our heart is not in it. That is the complete opposite of the altar prayer because the altar prayer is full of passion, full of what actually moves my heart. And this prayer is a prayer that moves the Father’s heart. 
Let us move actively to the altar, being part of Christ and passionately speak with the Father. 

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